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Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

client: Katie Hintz-Zambrano

location: San Francisco, CA

design consultant: Jessica Ballesteros

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

What She Wanted

Katie Hintz-Zambrano wears many hats. The talented co-founder of and creative force behind balances family life in San Francisco with her husband, Horacio, and their adorably precocious 5-year-old son, Diego. Katie’s beautiful home reflected the family’s happily busy life, but the overstuffed master closet Katie shared with her husband desperately needed a design solution to bring renewed order and ease to the couple’s day-to-day routine.

Fortunately, Katie’s luck struck twice with an opportunity to collaborate with both California Closets and , best-selling author and acclaimed tidying expert. Together, the group set out to make Katie’s dream of a perfectly optimized and organized closet a reality.

Client Story, Marie Kondo - California Closets, 2018

How we did it

伯爵平台 Marie first had Katie remove every item of clothing from the closet, and piece-by-piece, took Katie through the KonMari Method of establishing whether or not an item authentically ‘sparked joy.’ The thoughtful process enabled Katie to edit her belongings by helping her establish a meaningful connection with the items she wished to keep.

Next, California Closets San Francisco伯爵平台 design consultant Jessica Ballesteros met with Katie to determine her storage needs. After taking detailed measurements, Jessica met with Katie at the showroom’s Design Studio where they used the proprietary CAD program to refine the custom design together, with features including Italian foil-backed glass, lit drawers, jewelry storage and even a designated hook for Horacio’s often-misplaced house keys.

伯爵平台…My closet was bursting at the seams…It just starts the day off on the wrong foot and causes a lot of stress.

Katie Hintz-Zambrano

伯爵平台I designed the closet to create boundaries so that Katie and her husband feel like they each have their own space.

Jessica Ballesteros

Final Result

Bright, well-appointed, and refreshingly tidy, Katie’s new closet evokes calm and definitely “sparks joy!” One of the most special features of Jessica’s design is an area where Katie can keep and display treasured items, such as a photo of Diego, that bring her happiness each day. From floor to ceiling, Katie and her husband finally have an optimized closet designed to accommodate what they need and what they love.

伯爵平台It was so much fun working from start to end to bring the life-changing magic to this beautiful closet.

Marie Kondo

Design Details


伯爵平台Tesoro™ Tuscan Moon

Tesoro™ Linen

Hardware & Accessories:

伯爵平台LED-lit oil-rubbed bronze hanging poles

伯爵平台Modern bronze decorative hardware

Pull-out jewelry organizer

Fabric storage boxes

伯爵平台Pull-out valet rod

伯爵平台Pull-out fabric baskets

Slanted shelves with shoe fences

Double hooks


LED ribbon lighting

伯爵平台Foil-backed glass and mirror backing

伯爵平台5-piece square miter drawer fronts

伯爵平台*Note: product availability may vary by location

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